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P&L Investments, LLC

Asbestos brake plant
Manheim, PA

About Brownfields

P&L has acquired and remediated numerous sites around the country that have environmental problems. Sites acquired, remediated, and sold and/or leased by P&L Investments and its affiliates have ranged from a 90-acre asbestos brake plant to an 18-acre PCB-contaminated Superfund site. The said 18-acre site is the first Superfund site in the country that was sanctioned by the EPA for conversion to a residential use (instead of commercial use).

Definition of Brownfields

The EPA defines "Brownfields" as "abandoned, idled, or under-used industrial and commercial facilities where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination."

Many property owners prefer that their properties not to be labeled a "Brownfield," because they fear this will reduce the property's value. As a result, some States (e.g., Maryland) that attempt to compile a list of Brownfields often confront uncooperative property owners.

P&L's Expertise

Working through a land recycling program in order to clean-up a contaminated site can be complicated and confusing to individuals not familiar with the concepts and issues involved in Brownfields redevelopment. P&L's history with industrial site redevelopment is laden with success. P&L's developments range from the first project to receive a $1 Million industrial reuse grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to an industrial site in Waterbury, Connecticut with over a decade of previous ground water problems. P&L understands how to remediate Brownfields on an economical and profitable basis. P&L's President, Gary Silversmith, is a noted environmental attorney who speaks frequently at Brownfields conferences, including the annual EPA conference. One of P&L's most noteworthy Brownfields site, the O'Brien Machinery project in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, has been referred to in some speeches by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials as a model of Brownfields redevelopment.